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★★★★★ A real page turner !!

One thing that I love about reading a book by a local author who writes a story that relates to things and places in your area is the feeling that you get. You really get a sense of really being there !! And in Parabellum : When you live in Peace, prepare for War author Jack Nanuq takes the reader through the sights and sounds of Albany, New York and the surrounding areas.

Not only did I enjoy reading and knowing the area Nanuq was writing about, I was instantly drawn into the lives of Carson and his great-grandmother, Nana. I loved the way Nanuq would write about Carson and Nana in one chapter and then whisk the reader back in time to when Nana was young in the next chapter. The reader cannot help but fall in love with Nana and appreciate the hard times that she went through and what she had to do to survive. And then to turn the page and read about Carson and everything that he is learning about Nana and seeing that he will do whatever it takes to protect Nana and everyone close to him.

There are a few different stories being told in Parabellum and one cannot help but be drawn into them all. You cannot help but feel like you are sitting right there with all involved and holding your breath quite a few times throughout it. You may even find yourself shedding a tear or two......

When I get to the end of the book and it says to turn the page and read a portion of the next book in the series, I usually don't do it. I don't want to be teased, I feel that I am strong and can wait until the book is published. HOWEVER that was NOT the case with this story.... I wanted more so I read the few pages that Nanuq teased the reader with. And boy I cannot wait for more of Carson and Liza......I know it will be a page turner !!!

★★★★★ What a fun, captivating, exciting read!!!

The author and I have attended the same writers' group for several years. I've been listening to his novel a chapter at a time for quite a while. This novel is told in simultaneous chapters with settings nearly a hundred years a part.

Carson's great grandmother was a POW on the Isle of Man during World War I. Then we find out who and why Carson is protecting for one of his jobs in the Albany, NY area in the winter and spring of 2000. Though spy novels and thrillers are not usually my go-to genres, I finished reading this in less than two days. I really enjoyed it.

The protagonists are characters I wanted to know more about. The antagonists are vile-as they should be. I recommend it to readers who like spy novels, historical fiction, novels set in the Capital District, readers who like entertaining novels. I further look forward to more novels in this universe.

★★★★★ Adventures ,Spy adventure , Keeps your Interest

PARABELLUM: When you live in Peace, prepare for War by Jack Nanuq is a mystery, thriller and a spy adventure among other things. Jack Nanuq does a wonderful job of weaving several stories together. Jack Nanuq draws you into each story and keeps you interested. It is well written. This will not be the last book that I read by Jack Nanuq especially as I can not wait for the adventures to continue.

I received a copy thru an author Giveaway. This review is my honest and freely given as I enjoyed the book.

★★★★★ Thrilling debut novel

An impressive debut novel! The author masterfully weaves together two stories from different time periods. He also blends different genres, so there's something for everyone-historical fiction, mystery, romance, and spy thriller. I appreciated how his female characters were strong, tough, and good with guns. The story comes together in a suspenseful, satisfying conclusion with (as it seems) a possible sequel in the works.

★★★★★ Exciting page turner!

An exciting thriller! Although the story is fiction, it is told in a very believable way and makes you think about all the underground intelligence that takes place everyday for which the general public is unaware. Colorful characters draw you in, especially Nana. It's a page turner that keeps you looking to find out what will happen next. A great read!

★★★★★ Compelling Thriller

A compelling thriller which kept me on the edge of my seat and the pages turning. Suspenseful... left you wanting more. I cannot wait to read another novel by this new author.

★★★★ I plan to share my copy with my Dad, since we often share the books that interest us.

I enjoyed it too. It seems unique that Nana and Carson share time as lead protagonists in separate eras. From a young mother being held on the Isle of Mann, to Carson, her favorite relative, there is always something happening.